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Lace Invisible Toupee Technology

Lace is barely visible polyester knitted material into which hair is knotted and the knots is bleached; to attach it you can use glue or a lace specific tape. Usually the available lace is French lace, Swiss lace and German lace, the material characteristic is:

French lace is just a little bit more durable; Swiss lace is just a little bit thinner layer; German lace is just a little stiffer, not popular.
Our lace color usually is transparent, which is fit for the most of customers, we own the best bleach knots technology, customer can get the invisible knots super natural front hairline, lace thin and breath well, customer can shampoo it, swimming, showers, all is no problem, the hair also can brush back, nobody can notice you are wearing the toupee, Spring and Summer, lace is the good choice.

French lace invisible front hairline

French lace Toupee bleached knots invisible front hairline

Swiss lace invisible hair part

Swiss lace super natural bleached invisible hair part

Women toupee invisible knots front hairline

Women toupee invisible natural front hairline


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